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Crawl web content

Collect websites content for your search engine or any other data repository. Run this full-featured collector on its own, or embed it in your own application. Works on any operating system, is fullly documented and is packaged with sample crawl examples running out-of-the-box to get you started quickly.

Norconex HTTP Collector shares common features with other Norconex Collectors. Find out about those here.

More features

The following is a non exaustive list of features supported by the Norconex HTTP Collector:

  • Multi-threaded.
  • Supports different hit interval according to different schedules.
  • Can crawls millions on a single server of average capacity.
  • Language detection.
  • Configurable crawling speed.
  • Offers URL normalization.
  • Detects modified and deleted documents.
  • Supports various website authentication schemes
  • Supports for sitemap.xml and robot rules
  • Can filter documents based on URL, HTTP headers, content, or metadata.
  • Can treat embeded documents as distinct documents.
  • Can split a formatted document into multiple documents.
  • Can store crawled URLs in different database engines.
  • Can reprocess or delete URLs no longer linked by other crawled pages.
  • Supports different URL extraction strategies for different content types
  • Fires more than 20 crawler event types for custom listeners.
  • Date parsers/formatters to match your source/target repository dates.
  • Can create hierarchical fields.

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