Norconex Apache Solr Committer

Open-Source Committer for Apache Solr and Lucidworks

Download 2.3.0

The Apache Solr Committer is a concrete Committer implementation for use with a Norconex Collector. It can store collected documents into Apache Solr as well as Lucidworks, or other search engines based on Apache Solr.

How to Use

Please read the install instructions first, then familiarize yourself with this Committer configuration options.

Latest news

Apache Kafka Committer now available
Joseph Paulo Mantuano at The Red Flag Group and Dan Davis contribute a Committer for Apache Kafka. More...

Google Cloud Search Committer now available
Google contributes their own Committer for Google Cloud Search. More...

Norconex Neo4j Committer 1.0.0 released
New Committer for Neo4j graph database. More...

Norconex HTTP Collector 2.8.1 released
Maintenance release. Fixes and minor updates. More...

Norconex SQL Committer 2.0.0 released
More stable and flexible release. Better control of table/field creation. More...

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