So you have your enterprise search system in place, but do you know how well it’s working? Do you know who’s using it? Or what content they are or are not finding? And most importantly, do you know how to improve it? These are all questions that you can learn to answer yourself through the use of our two commercial analytic tools as well as our suite of open-source products.

If you’re looking to gain insights from the way users search to improve the search functionality or derive actionable data for marketing or business purposes, our Search Analytics will do just the job. Or if you’re looking to inventory, understand, and take control of the actual content being searched and found, with all sorts of reporting features, our Content Analytics is right for you. And for everything else, there is our array of proven and widely used open-source products.

Norconex Search Analytics

Don’t just give users what they’re searching for – learn from what they’re searching for as well! In fact, the insights to be attained from your users’ search behaviours are enormous. Through our proprietary Search Analytics, we give you the ability to learn from your customers; discover what search terms they’re using, what results they’re finding, what results they’re not finding, and so much more.

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Norconex Content Analytics

While our Search Analytics gives you insights on how your content is being found, our Content Analytics software gives you information on the actual content itself, allowing you to evaluate, query, and understand all of your data. Manage content more easily and generate reports on all your data. This tool is ideal for managing data migrations, handling ATIP requests, and many other document activities.

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Open-Source Crawlers

Full-featured, flexible and extensible, our Open-Source Crawlers run on any platform. With the HTTP Collector, our open-source enterprise web crawler, collect web site content for your search engine or any other data repository. The Filesystem Collector, our open-source enterprise filesystem crawler, allows you to crawl data from local disk, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or HDFS. Crawl what you want, how you want.

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