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Open-Source Crawlers for Neo4j

Norconex crawlers and Neo4j graph database are now a love match! Neo4j is arguably the most popular graph database out there. Use Norconex crawlers to harvest relationships from websites and filesystems and feed them to your favorite graph engine. This was made ...Read More.

Latest Articles

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How to run Norconex Collector in Docker

Introduction Docker is popular because it makes it easy to package and deliver programs. This article will show you how to run the Java-based, open-source crawler, Norconex HTTP Collector and Elasticsearch Committer in Docker to crawl a website and index ...Read More.

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Enterprise Search Specialist Celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

  Letter from the President,   Do you know that Norconex turned 10 this year? That’s right, Norconex was founded in 2007 and I could not be prouder to be president of Norconex as we cross this important milestone. Our ...Read More.

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